• Thirteen Reasons Why

    Day 21 Book 3: Thirteen Reasons Why | Reading time: 4 hours 31 minutes

    This book was a fast and easy read and I must say it was a page-turner for me. I didn’t want to stop reading because the suspense got me and I wanted to know all the reasons that lead Hannah to do what she did. At the end though I was disappointed that those reasons are what caused her to end it all because I expected bigger and better reasons. I know her reasons might seem petty to some but I completely understand how everything added up to her feeling hopeless.

    I did have conflicting feelings about the book overall however. There was nothing that made me jump out of my seat from excitement. It did cause to me to ponder about life at the end and really wonder if anything I have done has affected anyone deeply. There were times when I didn’t like the fact that Clay interrupted with his thoughts when he was listening to Hanna’s tapes, sometimes his comments seemed unnecessary to me. I must say I liked the book just because it made me want to finish it as quick as possible but didn’t love it.

    There was nothing in the book that stuck out to me enough to do a drawing on this book. I still wanted to write a review but the book was just another book to me, nothing amazing. I did want to showcase my new bookmark that I think is awesome because I can time out exactly how much I take reading books now. Here is a link in case you are interested in buying one.

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