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    While I was studying for my Bachelor of Arts I got a job in the entertainment department of my university. The job mostly consisted of making posters for school events such as fund-raisers and concerts. These are some of the posters I made for the school and I would always get so excited when I saw them printed and displayed throughout the whole campus. I only used Photoshop to create these posters. We were provided creative briefs with the content only and we had to come up with a design that related to the content.

    This was a project for a typography class I had in college. We had to create a type specimen poster and I don't remember if I chose the font or the teacher gave it to us but I had to do it on cooper black. I had fun with it and tried to make it into a little character. We had to use all of the letters, numbers, and symbols that exist. We also had to include the name and history of the font. Finally we had to accentuate what makes the font special and I found that the Q in cooper black is very unique as well as the Y.

    This was a project for a graphic design class I had in college. We had to create a pie chart infographic and could only use two colors and white and only one font. I also had to research on my topic so below I will include the writing that is in the infographic so you can better understand it.

    The top pie chart demonstrates that in 2006, African Americans were arrested in disproportionate numbers. This not only happened in 2006 but it has been happening for decades. The rate of African American incarcerations keeps increasing over the years.

    The real questions is, why do African Americans make up the majority of criminals around the world? The pie to the right shows the rates of child poverty for the same year as the incarceration rates above. There are more percent of African Americans that are poor, do you see the correlation between poverty and incarceration? Not much information was found on what type of crimes were committed this year but I conclude that when African Americans are on the line of poverty, they begin to get desperate and stealing is their only resort.

    What frustrates me the most is to find out that people get arrested for possession of drugs, robbery, or driving under the influence. My problem with this is that rarely will you see a prison full of violent crime offenders that committ crimes such as rape and murder. Our prisons are full of people that usually have committed minor crimes such as possession of drugs. These people probably should receive some kind of probation but prison should not even be an option for them.

    Racial profiling is also an issue as seen in the pie chart above. African Americans and Hispanics are most likely to get stopped and arrested by the police. We should be helping out our fellow citizens because the cause might be the few resources they have, as shown on the pie chart to the right.


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