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    Below are some illustrations that I have created by sketching them by hand and then making them come alive with Adobe Illustrator.

    I created this illustration for a graphic design class I took in college. The assignment was to create a cliché with a twist and turn it into an illustration. I decided to take the existing peace dove and just place a simple blood drop to represent war so the final product would be an illustration that embodied peace vs. war. I first sketched the dove on my sketchbook and scanned it to trace it in Illustrator. It looks so simple and easy to do but it took me a few days and a few revisions to get all the edges perfectly smooth (because I wasn't working on it continuously). I love the final result and it got me an A.


    Crows don't have to be bad omens, they can be calming too....enjoy this serene scene. I love mixing 2d silhouettes with 3d objects therefore I decided to create an illustration series like that which you will see in the next few posts.


    This is another illustration I created for my 2d/3d series. I first sketched the snake on my sketchbook and then scanned it and traced it with illustrator. If I ever find the sketch I will post it here.

    I created this a few years ago as a self cartoon. I don't really like showing my pictures online for safety reasons so I wanted to create a cartoon of myself to use it as my profile pictures. I created the entire illustration using Adobe Illustrator.

    These are a 2 part series of posters I made. I thought it would be fun to illustrate the difference between what girls find entertaining and what boys find entertaining to play with.

    This was in illustration for a project management application. The client asked me for a unique chicken character that had glossy three-dimensional characteristics so I decided to do a baby and an adult. I sketched them on paper first and then traced them on Adobe Illustrator.


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