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    This is the second logo I design for photographer, Brenda Janairo. The first time she did not have a logo so she wanted something very classy, timeless, and romantic because she focused mostly on weddings. However after a couple of years she decided she did not want to do weddings anymore so she wanted to change her logo to match her new style of photography. I created a brand identity questionnaire booklet and met up with her so we could discuss what she was looking for. I asked her a lot of questions and at the end of the meeting knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a whimsical logo and a bright color palette to attract fun customers, her color choices were turquoise, orange, and lime green (but at the end she decided she just wanted black and white logo choices). She wanted a combination of wordmark + pictorial logo and she said she really wanted a butterfly in her logo but also gave me other options of symbols she would like (leaf, bird, flowers, etc). I gathered all of my information and went home and began to sketch up my ideas. When I was done sketching I began rendering the best ideas on the computer and in the end I gave her 6 options to choose from and she instantly chose the one she loved. I will be working on her website next so stay tuned for that. Below are some pictures of my design process.

    Testimonial From Photographer Brenda Janairo: I love butterflies for all their symbolic meanings: rebirth, transformation, luck, and celebration. Plus, I consider myself a social butterfly:) Jessica did a fantastic job creating my new photography logo! Thank you Jessica!!


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