• Branding Process for Worcester Animal Rescue League

    This was a project for a graphic design class I had in my senior year of college. It was literally our only project for the entire class so it lasted us an entire semester to complete. We had to choose a non-profit organization that was celebrating their centennial anniversary soon and redesign not only their logo but their entire brand. I chose the Worcester Animal Rescue league because I love animals. At the end of the semester we had to present our branding proposal to the entire class and to some important visitors from other companies. Our final requirement was to email the company we chose and tell them about our branding proposal. I will take you through my entire process down below so check it out.

    Unfortunately I can't show you the entire presentation here because it is too big of a file size and I wouldn't know how to upload a keynote presentation. I loved this project however, I learned a lot about creating a brand. The logo matrix was my favorite part and I still use that today when I am creating a logo because it is very efficient and helpful. This made me realize how much I love designing branding collateral.


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