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    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica, but I guess you can call me Jessy. I recently graduated from college with a BA in graphic design and finally decided that my art needed a home. I want to document my creativity, inspiration and ideas and share it with the world so that is why I made this blog. I actually had another blog before but I never really used it or updated it so I thought I would start fresh. I created my "logo" in like a minute so I'm not sure if I like the color palette or the logo itself but I guess for now that will do.

    This is a place to talk about anything and everything related to art. I have always had a passion for being creative but it was not until now that I decided to try to offer my talent to the public and hopefully make someone happy with my art. The saying goes that pictures say more than words and I completely agree. Art transmits an energy like no other, it doesn’t matter what type of art whether it be music or visual or performing art or even makeup. I believe art is something beautiful that exists and I try to take advantage of it every day. Whenever I don’t know how to express something through words I turn over to my creative side and it takes over. I love making things look pretty and I also love writing poems.

    This blog was mostly created for personal reasons, I am still trying to figure out what my design style is but so far it is very ECLECTIC so maybe I don't need to define one specific style. Either way I want to document everything that comes out of my imagination and gather it in one place to get a feel of my design style. I invite you to stay a while and see the world through my eyes.


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